I am so excited that my friend from the San Francisco Baking Institute was able to visit me in NYC!  Bethany and I spent the day shopping for pastry supplies and sampling local goodies.  Neither of us had ever visited Baked, so we hopped on a train to Brooklyn to try the famous bakery.

We couldn’t narrow down what we wanted to try, so we tried it all……

We started with the chocolate malted cake.  The pound cake was wonderfully moist.   The chocolate malted frosting was light and fluffy.  The malt flavor was not too intense and really added to the overall flavor of the cake.

We also ordered a vanilla pistachio cupcake and banana whoopie pie to share.  The cupcake cake itself was okay, but the frosting was SO delicious.  It had the most intense vanilla flavor.  I loved having the pistachio flavor in both the cake and the frosting.  The banana whoopie pie was our least favorite dessert of the day.  The banana cake was heavy and dry.  The cream in the middle was lost between the heavy layers of cake.

The bourbon pecan bar made up for the disappointing banana whoopie pie.  The bar had a thin crust, which tasted like pie dough.  It was not as sweet as a sucre dough.  On top of the dough was a layer of chocolatey goodness.  This layer was covered with the caramel pecan filling.  The flavors were amazing.  The texture was perfect.  This was my favorite treat of the day!

The bakery is very cozy on the inside.  There are inviting benches in the windowsill and a cozy sofa across from the window.  Along the right-hand side of the bakery are wooden benches.  I love the warm color palette of oranges and browns and the simple decor.

We had a great time, and I’m so glad that I got to finally try this bakery…and with another baking enthusiast.  Thanks Bethany!

Happy Baking!

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