My kaleidoscope progression to my current life as a transplant in New York City includes three years of living and working in Japan, two bachelors degrees (International Business and Japanese), and a master of science in textile merchandising.  I have worked in beverage merchandising, as a Japanese translator, and currently in human resources. Although many things have changed along life’s path, at least a couple of things have not. One is my love of sweets.  The second is my love of beer.

My love of sweets, I got from my mom and my aunt.  As a child growing up in Georgia, there was ALWAYS dessert at the table….maybe not dinner, but ALWAYS dessert.   My mother is a fantastic cook, who bakes as a hobby.  This talent came from my grandmother, who could make the most perfect pound cake that you can imagine.  I remember those special days when my grandmother, mother and I would fry fresh apple tarts in my grandmother’s kitchen…..ummm, I wish I had one now.

My job growing up was helping my aunt cater weddings.  My aunt baked for a living….and man, she could (and can) bake.  Her famously delicious cakes make people do crazy things.  I just witnessed one of her vanilla cupcakes send a grown man into a dancing frenzy…singing to and caressing the cupcake (he was literally caressing the cupcake). When she decided to pack up her baking pans, the county cried.

My love of beer, I got from my dad.  Although my taste buds are a bit more refined than his.  He was a bud man.  I am a craft brew kinda girl, who loves hoppy hoppy beer.  As a student in Athens, Georgia, I was able to taste quite a few delectable brews and happily embraced the title, ‘beer snob.’  My favorite is Terrapin’s Hopsecutioner.   My next favorite, Terrapin’s Hoppy Monster.   If haven’t had Terrapin, try it.

Life’s too short not to spend time doing what makes you happy.  I am baking, and I am brewing, and I am SO giddy with happiness.  Feel free to join me on this yummy journey.

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  1. Talya says:

    Hey, if you seriously end up doing something baking-related full-time, I am on the look for a foodie business partner! We could always open up in New York AND Berlin. Keep me posted 😉

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