Good things come in small sizes…

…or at least that applies to my miniature carrot cakes.

I know that it has been a few weeks since my courses at the SFBI ended.  However, I wanted to share our process for making these adorable carrot cakes.  I am not including the recipe but feel free to e-mail me if you are interested to making these for yourself. They’re worth it!

Honestly, I was a bit concerned about this recipe.  It is very different than any other carrot cake recipe that I have tried previously.  In the end, the pineapple (yes, we added pineapple!) really added moisture to the cake and did not impart a strong pineapple flavor.

To make the cake layers, we used a silicon muffin pan.  Each layer was made with 25-30 grams of the batter.

We layered our carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting and added a swirl of frosting around the side of each cake.

Using a small spatula, we smoothed the frosting around the circumference of each small cake, leaving a thick enough layer to ensure that a good amount of coconut could adhere to the frosting.

Once the sides of each of our cakes were covered in coconut, we placed our cakes on our cake board and prepared them for decorating.

Using a piping bag and tip, and beginning in the middle of each cake, I added a swirl to each cake top.

The final step was adding a small, marzipan carrot for decoration.

Happy baking!

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