pound cake cupcakes with honey cinnamon buttercream….yummy

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Cupcakes are just so much fun to make : )    I hope that this is a trend that stays around for a while.  The pound cake was yummy….it just didn’t rise as much as I had hoped.  The cupcakes turned out rather flat.  A result of the pound cake batter, perhaps?  The buttercream turned out SOOOO sweet.  I love sugar but these were a bit too sweet even for me.

My husband and I took these to my friend’s house in Brooklyn.  Luckily, we each had one before we all left for drinks at the local bar.  When we returned, we found no evidence of the 6 remaining cupcakes.   Their adorable dog Kona, however, was running circles in the kitchen.   I wasn’t too disappointed…..it wasn’t my best showing.

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  1. Jason Crosby says:

    Kona liked them!!!! Maybe you can open a cupcake store for dogs.

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