San Francisco Baking Institute, Week 1, Day 4

We spent all day in the lab working on recipes….it was a great day!

We started the day with baking our madeleines and financiers, two types of French tea cakes.  The madeleines are always baked in shell shaped pans and have a signature hump on the back.  This hump forms because the dough is baked from a very cold temperature (our madeleines formed their humps, thank goodness…success!)

Below are our financiers.  They are typically baked in these rectangular shapes but can also be baked using other molds (we also baked heart-shaped financiers).  These are made with a brown butter base and have a slightly heavier cake than the madeline. They were both absolutely amazing, but my favorite was the madeleine.Here we are rolling out the sweet pie crust for our lemon tarts.  The dough was put in the refrigerator to rest over night.  The lemon bars (and all of my other favorite desserts) will come tomorrow…..Happy baking!


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