A friend that I haven’t yet met

I hopped downstairs for a scone and coffee at Arizmendi this week.  This is a GREAT worker-owned cooperative that specializes in pastries, bread and pizza.

I was impressed by the simple set-up of the bakery.  They have a small store front and very little inside seating and no table service.  They display the pastries and bread in attractive stands and carts.  Customers help themselves to what they want and then pay for their products at the counter.  It seems like a simple, no frills, very effective business model.  They bake a superior product that keeps people coming back.  I was lucky to get an unobstructed photo of the pastry/bread displays….the line is usually out the door.

I managed to put down my yummy scone long enough to snap a photo of a happy Arizmendi customer leaving the bakery (at 8:00 a.m.).  He is definitely a friend that I haven’t yet met….maybe next time.


Happy baking!

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