Butternuts Beer & Ale

Although we are doing some great things in our class that I can’t wait to share, I wanted to take a short break from my SFBI reporting to get back to beer.

Jeff and I found these beers a couple of weeks before I left for San Francisco while we were out exploring our local pubs.  We both love to try new, local beers…..and I absolutely can’t turn down an opportunity to sample a local pale ale….especially one in a can.  We tried two beers from Butternuts Beer & Ale (Porkslap Pale Ale & Snapperhead IPA) out of Garrattsville, NY.

As a beer brewing and reviewing amateur who is still learning how to recognize the distinct flavor profiles of different categories of beer, my review is certainly based more on my overall impression (basically meaning ‘did it taste good?’ and ‘would I buy it again?’) of the beer.

I found the the Porkslap Pale Ale to be sweet but not offensively so, and I liked the floral hoppiness of the pale ale.  The Snapperhead IPA, on the other hand, was not as hoppy and (seemed to me) to have an assertive citrus aroma and malty flavor.  Basically, I enjoyed the Porkslap and would purchase again.  I would, however, pass on the Snapperhead (unless it was my only IPA option).

Regardless of my impression of the actual beer, I have to give two thumbs up to the unique names and the fact that it is served in a can.  I also have to give credit to the brewery for being recently voted as the ‘best beer in Garrattsville.’  (We won’t focus on the fact that they are the only brewery in Garrattsville).


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