Beer gardening at Bohemian Hall

October means Oktoberfest, which means that enjoying a few beers in a NYC beer garden is an absolute must (for market research….yeah, market research).

And… a beer garden means a very happy Jeff  : )  (whose first date to this beer garden a few years back, by the way, was Charlie, our lovely wedding officiant).  Jeff and I visited before I left for San Francisco.

The Bohemian Hall has been a part of New York City history since it was opened in 1910. This last remaining original beer garden is run and managed by the Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society of Astoria, an organization dedicated to education and to preserving the Czech and Slovak communities in the area.  The Bohemian Hall has a large outdoor area with lots of picnic-style benches.  They have live music outside in addition to both an indoor and outdoor bar and a food stand that serves traditional German fare (as well as a very delicious veggie burger).

In typical Melanie and Jeff fashion, we followed a couple of beers with a rowdy game of scrabble (rowdy, yeah right).  I had to forfeit the game due to a cold weather delay.  You would think that a southern girl would know to bring a jacket for any evening out in the fall in NYC.  We had a great time and will hopefully be making a return visit before it gets too cold out.

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